These courses are fully-narrated interactive eLearning courses.

This approximately 1-hr technical training course on OZONE safety is an Add-On module to WHA's Level 1: O2 Aware or Level 2: O2 Practice training courses.  It covers Ozone properties, toxicity/health hazards, system design considerations, and system operations and maintenance considerations. Intermittent quizzes are provided for review.

The On Demand eLearning course provides an introduction to hydrogen and oxygen combustion hazards and best practices for electrolyser systems

WHA Level 1: H2 Aware course presented in an interactive eLearning format.

New non-flash version of the WHA LEvel 2:L O2 Practice eLearning course. This is 7 modules with approx 3-4 hours total run time.

The learning goal of our Level 1: O2 Aware course is to create awareness of the oxygen hazard and introduce safe, risk-mitigating practices.

Students will examine how oxygen increases the flammability and ignitability of materials, discover how to apply a simple risk management mode, and recognize good practices that safely defend against the hazards.

This course is approximately 30 minutes in length and designed for presentation by a course facilitator for a class of students (up to 25 per session), such as in a safety meeting.  The course is fully narrated, has periodic review quizzes, and is easy for a facilitator to present.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone who works with or around oxygen. Specifically applicable to technicians, system operators, maintenance personnel, safety officers, welders, millwrights, pipe fitters, quality control/quality assurance personnel, system managers, engineers, and others.